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Introduction to AIRA Global Education Consultancy

At AIRA Global Education Consultancy, we understand that studying abroad is a life-changing decision that requires careful planning and guidance. Are you dreaming of pursuing your higher education abroad, but feeling overwhelmed by the complex process of selecting the right university, preparing applications, and navigating visa procedures? Look no further! Welcome to AIRA Global Education Consultancy, your trusted partner in turning your aspirations into reality.

List of Student Services

Counseling and Guidance

Provide one-on-one counseling sessions to help students determine their educational goals, career aspirations, and suitable study destinations.

University/College Selection

Assist students in choosing the right universities or colleges based on their academic profile, desired course of study, budget, and location preferences.

Admission Assistance

Offer support throughout the application process, including guidance on completing application forms, preparing recommendation letters, and writing personal statements.

Test Preparation

4.Provide training and resources for standardized tests such as TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, GRE, or GMAT, as many universities require these scores for admission.

Visa Assistance

Guide students through the visa application process, including documentation, financial requirements, and interview preparation.

Scholarship & Financial Aid Info

Help students explore scholarship opportunities and provide information on financial aid options, including loans and grants

Pre-Departure Services

Offer pre-departure orientation sessions covering topics like accommodation, travel arrangements, health insurance, cultural adaptation, and student life abroad.

Career Counseling

Provide guidance on career prospects and job opportunities in different countries, helping students align their academic choices with future employment goals.

Language Training

Offer language courses or partnerships with language schools to assist students in improving their language skills for academic purposes or daily life abroad.

Student Support Services

Establish a support system to address students' concerns and provide ongoing assistance throughout their study abroad journey.

Alumni Network

11.Foster connections with former students who have successfully completed their education abroad, creating a network for mentoring and advice.

Partner Institutions

Develop collaborations with reputed universities, colleges, and educational institutions worldwide to expand the range of study options available to students.

Contact us today, and let’s take the first step towards turning your dream of studying abroad into a remarkable reality. Together, we can make your international educational aspirations come true.

What Oversea's Student Said About Us

Get answers to common questions about AIRA Global Education Consultancy

What services does AIRA Global Education consultancy provide?

AIRA Global Education consultancy offers a comprehensive range of services including academic counseling, university selection guidance, application assistance, scholarship search and application support, visa assistance, and pre-departure orientation.

How does AIRA Global Education consultancy assist in selecting the right university and course?

AIRA Global Education consultancy conducts in-depth assessments of students’ academic background, interests, career goals, and personal preferences. Based on this evaluation, they provide personalized guidance and recommend suitable universities and courses.

How does AIRA Global Education consultancy support the application process?

AIRA Global Education consultancy offers comprehensive support throughout the application process. This includes guidance on preparing application documents, reviewing personal statements and essays, and ensuring all requirements are met.

How experienced are the counselors at AIRA Global Education consultancy?

AIRA Global Education consultancy employs highly experienced and knowledgeable counselors who have extensive expertise in various academic fields and are well-versed with the global education landscape.

Can AIRA Global Education consultancy help with scholarship opportunities?

Yes, AIRA Global Education consultancy assists students in exploring scholarship opportunities available from universities, government bodies, and other sources. They provide guidance on scholarship applications and requirements.

What assistance does AIRA Global Education consultancy provide for visa applications?

AIRA Global Education consultancy has a dedicated visa support team that provides guidance on visa requirements, assists with form filling, and helps students prepare for visa interviews. They ensure students have the necessary documentation for a successful visa application.

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